God called us to share the good news with the world.

Group of woman praying togetherBenefits of Evangelism

Evangelism is telling a sinner (someone who is not saved or born again; someone who has not confessed Jesus Christ as their LORD and Saviour; someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus’ CHRIST as their LORD and Saviour: Romans 10:9-10) about the Gospel of the LORD Jesus, with the sole aim of convincing them through the help of the HOLY GHOST to believe in as well as accept Jesus CHRIST as their Saviour and LORD. You persuade them to do away with their sins, unrighteous acts which are not pleasing to GOD.

Most importantly, you lead sinner in prayers to seek forgiveness from GOD through the Blood of Jesus CHRIST for the remission of their sins. Finally, encourage them to worship GOD at a true church nearest to them, or they could simply join you at your place of worship.

However do not expect warm reception at every place where you stop by to win a soul. In fact, brace up for insults and rejection. Our LORD Jesus didn’t conceal this possible scenario ( Matthew 10:12-14).

BENEFITS of Evangelism

1. Inexplicable joy. The disciples. The best cure for sadness and depression is evangelism. Go give it a try! The joy that follows it is matchless (Luke 10:1,17). Once you win a soul, Heaven goes into celebration mood (Luke 15:10). This electric mood in Heaven is also passed down to the folk who did the job. Suddenly you are joyful without any material explanation for your great mood. You become a bundle of inexplicable joy. How wonderful!

2. Reward in Heaven (Matthew 19:27, 29). You got mansions waiting for you (John 14:2-3). Crowns of glory also (1 Peter 5:4). Join the queue now. I have signed up already. You too should. Don’t envy me when you see me in Heaven relaxing in my mansion and wearing my glittering crown of glory. Start working for yours now.

3. Divine security (2 Corinthians 11:23-26; Acts 18:9-10). Several times Paul would have been assassinated, but his relevance to Heaven’s soul growth committed GOD to protect him by all means. He met robbers, he was arrested, there were plots to assassinate him, he was imprisoned several times…no surprise that he came out of all. You can’t be wasted overnight by natural or unnatural powers, occurrences or mishaps when your life is profitable to GOD in the evangelical field. Who cares about a fruitless fig tree? Look up the answer here (Matthew 21:17-19).

4. Manifestations of spiritual gifts, especially the gifts of healing (Mark 16:15-18; Luke 16:16). You can actually begin to experience spiritual gifts in action while preaching to souls. The first time the disciples did healing and deliverance on their own was while they went out evangelizing. At their return, they simply could not hide their excitement about the miracles that they “performed”. You want spiritual gifts? Go and win souls!

5. Eternal life (Luke 10:20; Philippians 3:14; 4:3-4). Spreading the Gospel in truth and righteousness further cements your place in the Heavenly admission list…the Book of Life. The LORD Jesus affirmed this to the evangelising disciples in simple terms. This is the greatest benefit of all! Press for it..the ultimate prize!

6. Key to accessing a long-awaited breakthrough (Matthew 6:33). Aren’t you being too self-centered? Always asking and never doing anything for GOD. Winning a soul attracts Divine intervention in your life. It is one sure way to a receiving a miraculous answer to a dragging problem. Go for a trial now. Be consistent. Hmmm, I smell a miracle drawing closer to you in no time! “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace…” (Isaiah 52:7).