Let’s give God our best in glorifying His name!

TG New York Campus

bibleOur Goal at Tabernacle of Glory is:

  1. To build a MULTICULTURAL/MULTI-ETHNIC community who will properly
    reflect the ethnic composition of it is community (Mat 28:18-19; Acts 2:5; Rev 7:9;
  2. A church that will make the Glory of God the purpose, the center and the
    expression of lives of the worshippers. (Ps 29:9) through,
  3. PASSIONATE WORSHIP that will cause the presence of God to manifest.
    (2Chr. 5:13-14).
  4. A church built FERVENT PRAYER; whose prayer will rejoice the heart of God and shake the foundations of hell (2 Chr. 7:1). A people who will operate daily in the Supernatural
    (John 2:11 to carry the glory wherever she/he goes. (Ps 29:9).
  5. FAITHFUL APPLICATION OF THE SCRIPTURES, well-versed in the Word of God; a
    people sold on practicing its principles until they become realities in my life. (John 1:14).
  6. A church who will extend and enjoy SINCERE FELLOWSHIP through the
    bond of love; a people who will operate as one, no matter where they are
    (John 17:22; Acts 2:1-2).
  7. A people who will use EFFECTIVE EVANGELISM and operate with a Kingdom
    mentality to invade every segment of society for the Glory of Christ (1 Cor 10: 31).
    A people who will use every means short of sin to declare the Glory of God (Ps 96:1).